Cash 4 Batteries

I bought this battery tester (Draper 72090 Dry Cell Battery Tester: DIY & Tools) years ago and it has proved extremely useful when working out which batteries are good and which are dead. I thought I’d turn it into a mini-blog post when I went to replace the 6 AAA batteries in a kitchen gadget and it turned out only one of them was dead. Without the battery tester I would have thrown away all 6 batteries for a total of around £4. Given that the tester itself only cost £3.50, it just paid for itself in one fell swoop. I cannot see how anyone should be without one of these little things!

NB. The battery tester is not fell, nor does it swoop. But it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

New theme!

I’ve had an hour’s breathing space this morning (I love Saturday mornings at home!) so took the opportunity to catch up on some personal web stuff. My blog hasn’t had much attention for a long time, so I’ve moved it into this section of the website. I’ve started playing with social media integration a little more (since I’m more active on places like Twitter than on my own website) so I’ve added a Twitter widget to the homepage. I also want to add other badges (e.g. LinkedIn) so that people can find me more easily.

The biggest change, though, was upgrading to the new default WordPress theme, Twenty Thirteen. It’s beautiful! I wanted to make a couple of modifications, though, so I also created a child theme for my bits of custom CSS, so that they won’t get wiped out if I ever need to upgrade the parent theme.

Perhaps the facelift will encourage me to post on my blog a little more. Wish me luck, but don’t hold your breath.